Review on 2022, Goals for 2023

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When I started this blog on 1st Jan 2022, I mentioned that I wanted to write one post per month and I achieved my goal. It wasn't too difficult, although there are months that I didn't write any at all, and months that I write 2-3 per month.

I wrote a total of 17 articles (excluding the first entry), and the top 3 views are

The total views at the time of writing are 5147, not bad at all. I don't think about getting high views, but more of hoping that the articles I wrote help someone in need.

I still have around 10 articles in my draft, some have been there for quite some time, and I never got around to finishing up the article.

Overall, I think I did well and writing has helped me understand the topic (I wrote) much deeper. There is so much research and work behind the scene to get the article out.

In 2023, I hoped to achieve the following

  • Continue to write at least one article per month

  • Finish reading Modern Java in Action

  • Create a schedule to watch tech videos (I kept putting them off)

  • Learn more in-depth about Kubernetes

Have a great year ahead!